Take Control!

Remote ControlControl in life is everything. I used to be asked when I was younger, to engage in psychedelic drugs. My friends all did them semi-frequently (I’m talking about mushrooms, LSD and DMT), and they would ask me very frequently. For some reason, I have always been internally turned off, from the notion, the thought and presence of any “hard drugs”. What I mean by “hard drugs” are those in which contain these 3 factors more-so than all others.

  • If done incorrectly and abused, they can kill you the first time you do them
  • These drugs include heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, speed- These are bad because it relies on the user to control the effect, and most of the time, the user has no idea about the drug. For example: Everyone’s body is different. If you convince yourself that 1g of cocaine will be OK for you, how would you know? It might burst a hole in your heart the first time you do it and your dead. I know all of you worry warts will say that alcohol can kill you the first time you do them. With modern technology it becomes really hard to kill yourself with alcohol, and I believe it is harder to kill yourself with it, than it is with a vile of heroine.
  • Have highly addictive tendencies
  • These include Heroine, Cocaine, Cigarettes, Oxycontin, Meth- These are bad because after a certain amoutn of uses, the user will have no control and be mentally controlled by the drug, luring them back.
  • Remove control from the user
  • These drugs include mushrooms, LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Salvia, Psychadelics- Ever see someone on one of these drugs? Its hilarious, and scary because that person isn’t really there. They are in some fairy tale land. For the most part, the user of these drugs have no control of themselves and will not be functional for certain tasks.

For the most part, the drugs that are legal, are not highly involved in any of these categories. Marijuana, although sometimes removes control from the user, the amount is not as much, or as long as other psychedelics. Alcohol, although legal, it is harder to kill yourself on the drug itself, than it would be from cocaine. Cigarettes, although addictive, kill you slowly, rather than quickly like these other addictive drugs. This is why I agree that they should be legal, and the rest banned. Notice that if you are the type of person who values self control, and doesn’t care much for some alternate reality, you will self select yourself out from doing these. It always puzzled me why somebody would want to do them, when you completely lack control. It’s a valuable thing, why go to a land without it?

Steve Jobs Is The Exception- Not The Rule

I wanted to set this straight. I have been hearing a lot recently, a quote that goes something like this:

“Steve Jobs is a visionary. He used to travel to India and do drugs, to come up with new ideas. He indulged himself in LSD and Shrooms frequently, and look at what it got him. The drugs make you more creative and your brain more open minded.”

I couldn’t disagree more. First of all, Steve Jobs is dead. It’s inconclusive as to why he got cancer, but he was unable to live up to his potential, all the way through his life. I value longevity, and I will not let anything into my body, that will possibly impede that. Steve Jobs chose to indulge in them, and it COULD be the reason he died young. Not only this, but it is completely inconclusive, that drugs actually make you more creative. They can make you see things differently for a short period, but if you aren’t already naturally creative, or train yourself to be, you won’t get anywhere with it really. So stop making excuses as to why these drugs are good for you, and why you are doing them. They are not good for you, and you lack control of yourself, to not do them. You can still do them, as it’s your choice, but realize, that they are bad for you. Go do them. While you are in La La Land, i’ll start a business, and make a real difference in people’s lives. Your excuse that weed just helps you settle down, or that Shrooms make you see things clearer, or that booze dulls the pain, just isn’t working anymore. That’s it rant over.