10X Your Life!

I have been reading a book recently, called 10X, by Grant Cardone. I don’t normally like Ra-Ra sales guys. But there is something electric about that book. He is a millionaire entrepreneur and salesman. His net worth is upwards of 100 million. He is in his 50’s, but his energy level and thirst for life, would make you think he is still 22 years old. What really got me, was his knowledge for actual business. The overarching theme of the book is that you have to do “Whatever It Takes” and “Try Really Hard”, to make your business succeed. OK, so the motivational aspect is a bit cheesy, but something about it just gets you pumped. Not only this, but he is very quoteworthy, and puts these same “try hard” philosophies that we’ve had forever, and spins them so they are relevant, new and exciting. Not only this, but he looks differently at life. Anyways, I wanted to get you jazzed up here, so I’ve decided to post a few here. These are paraphrased from my reading of the book. Enjoy:

  1. When you don’t try as hard as you can and fulfill your passion in life, you don’t show the world your true self, and you are doing a disservice to your fellow man.
  2. I always speed everywhere. I am the guy on the highway going 150mph by you. Why? Because I was chasing a million dollars, man! I’ve got places to be, and quicklGrant_Cardone_speaking_at_Los_Angeles_Public_Libraryy! You think a $200 speeding ticket is going to stop me?
  3. The single best skill in the world, is sales. If you can good at selling for someone else, you can sell for yourself. If you don’t like what you’re selling, go sell something that you do like. Theres millions of companies where you live, that sell things. Theres got to be thousands of companies in Austin, TX (Where i’m from) alone.
  4. My biggest mistake in life, was partnering up with somebody, who literally robbed me and came away with millions. I later realized that I kept blaming him for these things, when I should have been blaming myself the whole time. I allowed him to become partner. It was a time in life when I wasn’t 10X. Had I been 10X, I would have foreseen these things coming, not have relied on the “unpredictability” of a partnership. I was making excuses.
  5. There’s never a shortage of success. Their is only a shortage of passion, drive and effort. Money is infinite and unbounding.
  6. You need to 10X your goals. Your dreams aren’t based in reality. Why is it then that we set these ordinary goals, to try and reach these dreams. Take every goal that you have and 10X it.
  7. Obsession is a good thing, even though its seen as a bad thing in society. Being obsessed, is what you need to have to be good at it. Its how he got his wife. Its how he has the desire to start his business’s. People will tell you to slow down, relax and not be so stressed. That’s ordinary thinking. Obsession is good.
  8. There’s no such thing as competition, if you are in 10X mode. You should be going so hard, that you are blowing away your competition, they don’t stand a chance. If the Google founders weren’t 10X, do you think they would have blown away Yahoo? If you have competition, you are not trying hard enough.
  9. Critics are a good thing. They are a great measuring stick, as to whether or not you are successful. If you are, you will develop more critics with the followers as well. It’s not all roses at the top. You’ve crushed your competition, they’re jealous. People like to criticize the best. You need to be omnipresent as well and constantly get your name out there. It is obscurity that kills.
  10. Time management is a joke. If you think that work life balance exists and that you can manage these other things in life as well, you will not succeed. If you don’t have the drive to do whatever is needed, and try and “manage your time” too much from overworking, your competitors will blow you away. Someone out there is always willing to try harder than you.


Please see the next post for my thoughts on each of these points.