Responses To 10X

So, as I was saying, I wanted to add some personal input to all of Grant’s points, and my personal experience from this thinking. He has great ways of thinking, there’s no question with that. The point of me adding input into what he says is not to refute it, but improve upon it.  

  1. I have to say, this is one point that I 110% agree with. The reason is because we all have passions. The main sin, is not allowing ourselves to fulfill them. We are our best selves when we are pursuing our dreams. Our dreams often become reality with enough focus and effort, and become wonderful works of art, companies and ideas that change the world. Sure there is hard work. But there is also hard work at your day job you hate. Its amazing how young in life, we are trained to not pursue the passions that we have. But the main problem is that most people haven’t worked on figuring out what their TRUE passions are. In the end, you have to make a choice to go down the best road YOU CAN THINK of. Have you really thought about it yet? I can think of 200 things iI would love to try. My challenge is to whittle it down to 1, and go for it for 5 years. Some people cant think of anything they like. Most likely their being a pessimist baby. They like things. It just has to be beaten out of them. 
  2. Moral of this one is hustle! The time is now. It is true most people go at a slow pace, to chase pennies. Its time you start thinking about using a Porsche to chase the millions.  
  3. Its true. Sales is something nobody wants to do, or learn. Why? It makes them uncomfortable to sell. Stop feeling uncomfortable. How about that? If you don’t see value in the product that you’re selling, how will you sell it? There are many types of salesmen and styles, and some tactics are a bit better than others. If you can get good at this one skill, you can sell ANYTHING! Its the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Selling isn’t bad, it just feels weird. Its kind of like the first time you have sex. Its weird and mushy. You get used to it, and get used to the promised land and see it more often. Dream big, and you can live a lavish life.
  4. Excuses are one thing. A well thought out partnership is another. Dont let Grants folly stop you from making a partnership, if it makes sense. But do know, that if it fails, it is YOUR fault. When you own a business, you own it! I’d think you would rather over-prepare than under prepare here. Do all your research on your partner, have disaster plans in place. Excuses suck. I like winners. Winners win because of effort, planning and intense focus.
  5. Speaks for itself. I agree with this.
  6. I agree partially, but mostly disagree with him on this. You can think about goals in multiple ways. Unclear think-big “wants” are fine for long term goals. But rely solely on this and you are done. I tried it. For 6 months, I was writing down goals, just like he does, every day and night. It was one page, they were 10X goals, and it was literally the same thing Grant does in this video. It was bad. I kept dreaming and thinking about these things I was just too far away from. I couldn’t keep writing 2 times a day, I will make $10 million dollars/ year, when I am making 5k/month. It’s just stupid really. I more or less prefer to cater to Zig Ziglar’s goal method in which he says it’s better to be “Meaningfullyly specific, other than a wandering generality”. Your goals must be so hyper specific and short term to know that they are within reach. It should be measurable. I follow the WOMBATS PEE principles for setting goals, as opposed to SMART. There are other ways to keep yourself to your goals as well, raising the stakes so you become pot-committed. Directly compete with friends. There are others too. See for more fire to keep you going too.

goals21st Century Goals Setting! (Goal Setting For The Modern Man)

  • Written- Time and time again, we see the power of writing things down. It activates part of our brains that memorizes what we write, and drills in what we write, making it more apt we achieve it- studies prove this. Rather than taking an entire day to write a god damned novel, how about you write down what is important. I write down the items: Benefits, The specific daily goals for tomorrow and the rest of the week, and the main points. This focus’s my mind on succinct, positive points and actual short term tasks I MUST do.
  • Obstacles- Every single business has factors that if they occurred, when you are starting your business, you are cooked. Let’s say your business sells an ebook and online course. Your obstacles are things like google algorithm shifts, a market collapse, competitors, redundancy (if you hire on people) or spreading your lead generation source. Calculate the probabilities of these events occurring, and have a plan.
  • Measurable- Whats a better goal: One that you hope to achieve “someday”, or March 23, 2016? Depends on the goal, but i’d be interested to see what you could do by March. Someday is a day that doesn’t exist.
  • Benefits To Me- What are the immediate benefits you get from your goal? List them all. Your list should include things like mine: 10K extra in monthly income, I can work from anywhere in the US, more control in growth and my own wealth than my day job etc.
  • Align With You- We all have those quasi-goals that our brains allow themselves to sneak in there, whenever we are goal setting. Whenever I goal set, somehow I always end up adding ones that seem to be a stretch, or someone else’s goals that I thought were cool, or something just to fill the space. Get rid of them. Wade through the goal diarrhea, and figure out your soul, your core, what you really want!! There shouldn’t be more than 2-4 core goals you should have, for your next year. I also break them down into categories ( Social, Fitness, Arts, Entrepreneurial). Here’s mine as an example: Make 100K/month by next Dec. 31st with X business, maintain 225lbs with 10% body-fat by Slow-carb dieting all year, finish planning the on-stage show for The Up And Up by July and promote the music to X publishers and get a beautiful and smart girlfriend with a great personality, by approaching 20 women/week. Granted, these goals get far more detailed in my goal manifesto, but they align with what I deeply want.
  • Timely- Again, which goal is better? “One that has to be reached by April 21, 2016 at midnight” or one you will finish “Someday”. I’ll take goal X by the date of Y. I use a 168 (more to come on this). Do you?
  • Specific- Its why we never know what we want for dinner. If you ask someone what they want to eat for dinner, they will say “I dont know. I could eat chinese, indian, american, or mexican tonight. Maybe even italian.” But when you ask them pizza or pad thai, the answer becomes something like, “ Oh, well pad thai obviously”. The level of specificity should be as deep as you can go. This is where you might have to put in hours and days, to figure out the how. Lets say you want to gain 25 lb. of muscle. Ok, well how? Do shitloads of research. Find a method… theres many. Filter it. What the best one for you? How long did it take this person? What equipment do you need? Devise your PLAN. Stick to it.
  • Planning- I always take the man with a plan, rather than one without. What sounds more stupid when you ask an entrepreneur what he’s doing, “I’m not sure, we’ll see”, or a deeply thought plan? Granted plans change. Good entrepreneurs knows this. Great ones cause this. Plan for parts of the winding road, that you know will wind!  
  • Enormous- This one’s tricky. Dream too big, you’re like a homeless man who thinks about having a billion dollars. Dream to small, and you feel achievement for menial shit. Pick something in the middle that makes fucking sense. Its different for everyone.
  • Everyday- You must review your goals daily. If you don’t, you will lose track, become sloppy and forget about them. Review all parts of your goals by reading them. 


Your goal (Gain 25lbs of Muscle) at the end, should look something like: Gain 25lbs of muscle by Oct. 25, 2016, by eating 200 grams of protein per day. The workout routine I will do is X. Here are the obstacle’s I can for-see: Holidays in which I will want to not eat 200g of protein, laziness etc. The benefits- I will be strong and look great. I’ve wanted to do this my whole life, and I’ve never felt attractive. I also want to enter a competition. The goal is large enough, where its not gaining 2 lbs of muscle, which is puny. Write it down and review the progress every day.