Extra Extra!

Just want to continue off on my review of Grant Cardone’s book called 10X. In my previous posts, I took some of the theories highlighted by Grant in the book, and then highlighted my method for goal setting. I figured that there were not many good methods of goal setting that were clear and definitive out there, a modern method, that you can live by- so devised it. This post, I will go over the last few points that I didn’t get to in the last.

7) It is indeed a good thing. There is a limit and a level for every particular subject matter though. For example, I base my life on outcomes. In the sales subject, you want more sales! In dating, you want more lays or a girlfriend. In health, you want to lift more weight (the target weight being the outcome). All of those are outcomes, and that is what you want. I would say first hand, that obsession in the world of attracting women, is exactly what you don’t want. You could however look at it the opposite and say that you are obsessed with the subject of learning how to better attract and have sex with more women. The subject is Dating, Venusian arts and seduction- you can be obsessed with the SUBJECT! The same is with the outcome of the sale. You should be obsessed with the sales process. You will lose a sale, quote me on that. That being said, if you are obsessed with the subject, you will be one of the best at it- and you have to have this. So in short, become more obsessed with the process of doing the things you love, not 1 specific outcome. If you dont get that one girl, fuck it and move on, keep learning. There’s probably a full billion women that you could be with out there.

8) In my trials and tribulations of business, I have come to see that most business that everyone things is “set in stone”, or cannot be disrupted, get disrupted the easiest. Its because nobody’s watching it. When you inject enormous amounts of energy into a business, you will undoubtedly do things that are better than your competitors, and blow them out. You can win still win with better service and a crappy product (Lyft vs. Uber). Its all measured on 1 big meter in a customer’s mind. The meter reads your brand and a product made by it. If this meter reads a certain threshold, it’s considered to be an option to be bought. It’s a lot easier for them to buy when your business is so far up on that meter, and your competitors is low. Airbnb never had any competition because it was so high on the meter to start, that competitors were dead before they began. Apple was very high on the meter, and has been slightly sinking for many tech consumers. If you crack into these markets, you will have things in life that can make it so luxurious.

9) It’s true. If you are good at anything, there will be people that don’t like you. Embrace it and love it.

10) I disagree with Grant on this. Firstly, I agree 100% that you will fail unless you partake in the management of your time. I prescribe to the saying, “You must manage your own time, or it will timemanage you”. If everyone could work non-stop like  machine for 100 hours straight, we would. It’s just that 20 hours through, we would fall asleep, feel restless, bored, hungry, or our body would be in pain from sitting too long. We are a super fickle machine. See we are creatures of balance. Eat too much sugar, you die young. Never sleep and have a horrible life. Work too little and you will never reach your goals. But balance to what end? How am I supposed to function in life when billionaire entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone and Kevin O’Leary say that there is no such thing as time management or work life balance…

But, the good news here is that, we KNOW this! It is known that humans perform worse without rest. Grant fails to mention this. Yes, I believe you need to try hard in your endeavors. But, try smart as well. You need to plan your breaks out, and know that you NEED them. You will perform far better in that time- it’s the quality issue at stake here. As to the common perception of the work/life balance, I do agree with him on this. Your work should be your life. Work and life are becoming evermore blended, and you must prepare. The key here is to make work so much fun and rewarding, that you WANT it! But there must be enough life, to enjoy the rest and break time. If your work is fun enough, the hard part will be making time for “life”, trust me on that. You also have to put this in perspective. If you work 100 hours/week for years like Elon Musk, keep in mind, he is a multi-billionaire. Grant was a driven person who worked 80+ hours a week for a long time as well. Well he’s a multimillionaire. That’s why the average person who works 40 hours/week, makes low wages compared to them. Now, are their people out there who work 100 hours/ week who aren’t millionaires? Sure. There may be other factors at play in those 100 hours. Are they focused? Are they quality hours? Are they just keeping busy in those hours? Are they mis-managing their time? Is their fundamental business model wrong? I’m willing to bet there are portions of these factors involved. Most of the people I know who spend large amounts of time on self-improvement and their own business, are very rich people. Work hard for 100hrs/week for 10 years, and I’m willing to bet that you will be loaded wealthy.