Don’t Sell Happiness So Cheap!

I heard a great quote on a thought experiment the other day that I would like to share with you.. It goes something like this:

If happiness was a currency, and you could trade it, buy it and sell it, it would be more than anything of value that we know today. Effectively, it would be priceless, like the Mona Lisa, Sphinx or Rosetta Stone. It would be worth more than any diamond, silver or gold.

There is no question that we can maintain a homeostasis of happiness in a vacuum. That being said, life doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Things happen, both good and bad. The good is always good, and we are not concerned with it. But the bad, is never good.

The bad things are fairly common with all of us. These are things like losing a loved one, going bankrupt, a breakup, a horrible boss. We are familiar with them. These are things which rob us of that ever so precious of resource, of happiness. With every snide remark, reminder of your loved one that has passed or glance at your bank account, BOOM! You are robbed of that resource of happiness.  What we do in this case, is give away our happiness to those things. Instead of selling it for the very high price of its worth, we let it go instantly, for free. See what Tony Robbins says about it HERE!

Why do we do this? Because, as humans, we just react. In that moment, the heat of it all, we feel emotion first, think second. And this is normal. I do not think humans should fight this. They should not fight there emotions.  But that being said, feel that negative emotion, and get very good at letting it pass, and pass very quickly. There are many benefits to doing this.  With a quick memory, you only hold on to bad and negative feelings for a short time, for no more than 90 seconds ever. Time it.

Think of it like this. Every second of life, that you retain happiness, you are making money or retaining your currency money. Every moment that you are negative and think negative thoughts, you bleed money. Stop selling your happiness so cheaply.

My friend Todd, whom has done this and channels his positive energy toward his solar company has done this very well. Solar panel costs are not something everyone can afford, so he helps them with that.