For The Try Hards

I remember a day distinctly. That day was in 2009. I played on the football team in New Mexico, for a small college called Tekton State. I was the back-up tight end, to somebody who had a legitimate shot at playing in the NFL. He really was a fantastic player. We were division 2, so it wasn’t that unheard of for division 2 people to play in the NFL. He had great hands for a tight end, and he was 6’6″ tall, 260 lbs. He wasn’t fast necessarily, but he was quick enough to get downfield. He was a great blocker as well. He and I were different players however. If he was the Rob Gronkowski, I was the shorter quicker Dallas Clark. I had better hands than he did, and I was a lot faster. I was a good blocker as well, but he was bigger than I was. But the moral of this story isn’t to highlight football players. There was a day at practice, I distinctly remember. boulder

Since it was a division 2 school, it wasn’t common for player to play in the pro’s. The teams were filled with more politics, worse coaches, undisciplined players, bad students and criminals. They were also more likely to do drugs. To these people, you had talent or you didn’t. They didn’t believe in hard work. Coaches had favorites. So even if you were a better player, they would play their 1st Big Name recruit more, even if he fumbled twice per game. One practice, at the end, we were running sprints. I always came from the mindset, if you are going to do something, be the best at it. otherwise, why do it at all? I remember beating everyone out at sprints, every time. I would beat the fastest kids on the team. I was one of them anyway, but I would beat other fast guys, by 10 yards. It wasn’t until one day, that somebody snickered, “Your a try-hard Johnson”. This wasn’t a kid I was particularly fond of anyways. I began to wonder what he meant. Yes, I was trying hard, to get better. I realized what he was going for- he saw me as a decent backup, some kind of wanna-be starter, trying to impress coach. But that wasn’t my intention at all. Even if I was trying hard to be better, weren’t we on the same team, and wouldn’t me getting better mean we win more games, theoretically. So why the hostility? Jealousy? After thinking for a long time about it, its clear to see. Trying hard, gets a bad rap. It really does. Nobody cares that you tried, they always just want the end product. If I had come into camp, the undoubtedly best player, it would be easy for someone to say, ” He deserves it, he works hard and he’s talented. Thats a lethal combo”. But why is it that, “trying hard” is so un-sexy? If I was already good, and it looked like I wasn’t trying, why is that good. People often say, “He’s so good, it looks like he/she’s not even trying”.

The reason is this. People try and rationalize how someone can get so good at something, and they NEVER consider what comes from sweat. They never consider that someone tries really hard, its just all behind the scenes, so we never see it. It was said recently that Giselle Bunchen caught Tom Brady up at 3am, studying game film. An NFL player who is 38 years old, has more vigor for his sport than most 22 year olds. But everyone hates Tom Brady. Its because he is so good, and they are jealous. But they dont see his sacrifices. His wife did.

This website was made for those who TRY! The more passionate you are, and the more that you try, the better you will be. Its the simplest function of life. We will make recommendations to you, in how you can best manage your amount of “Try Hard”. Trying hard often comes with many things :

  • Sacrifice of Time and Money
  • Dissaproval from people that mean the most to you
  • decine in other areas of life that you might not expect, and othe areas